While nature brings you the view and your family or friends bring the vibe, let us provide the additional extras that make a great holiday. If your booking Altitude 261 for a retreat or corporate event, don't stress. All of the below extras can be booked for all group sizes and dates. 



If you just can't say no to all your friends and seven beds is not enough , we have you covered. We have three beautiful canvas tents decked out with plush cushions, double bed with fine linen, table, lamp,  power, hot water bottles and your own front door garden. The canvas tents roll up for the warm sunny days and zips shut to keep you warm through the winter nights. 

Price: $150 per night per tent. 



The Art of Apnea

The Art of Apnea is a program designed to educate on the science behind apnea (breath hold), so as to give students the ability to hold their breath for extended periods of time in both passive and dynamic situations whilst maintaining a positive and relaxed state of mind. 
In most situations, for the waterman, the biggest challenge brought on by the ocean is the fear of drowning. Running out of air whilst underwater and asphyxiating. The art of apnea program is designed to give students the knowledge, skills and confidence to remove this fear. 
This course is again and again commentated on as ours guests favourite part of their visit.

Session : 3 Hours (unlimited guests)

Price: TBC


Ka Huna Massage

Ka Huna massage originates from the Hawaiian Islands, where it was practised by the local healers or 'ka hunas'. The massage style is made up of long, rhythmic flowing strokes and a blend of gentle, but firm, and sometimes deep work using fingers, hands, forearms and elbows. The goal is to relieve tension, calm the mind, bring fresh oxygen to the body, heal physical and emotional aches and pains and strengthen the lymphatic, immune, circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems.

Matt : With 12 years of practising, I offer a style that blends Ka Huna and Lomi Lomi with elements of shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage and reiki. Following a stint as a Ka Huna therapist at the award-winning Gaia Retreat & Spa, I now work from my massage studio in a beautiful spot close to the ocean at Byron Bay, on the north coast of NSW.

Sessions : 90 mins

Price : 140 (call out fee $28)


Kayaking with the Dolphins

This guided tour is the perfect Byron Bay experience. Join our passionate team of local surf lifesavers for an unforgettable kayak to Australia’s most easterly point. The Cape Bay Marine Park is home to wild bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales and three species of sea turtle, so keep your eyes peeled for them as you glide along the clear blue ocean. Imagine seeing Happy wild Dolphins in their own habitat. We ensure our interactions are non intrusive and don’t disturb these beautiful sea creatures.

930am / 230pm daily
Session : 2.5 hours

Price: $69 pp 



As the sun rises over the valley, get into that lycra and hit the deck for some morning fitness with the gang from Evolve Pilates. We have a range of class types that are suitable for all capabilities and you can participate either in a group setting or a private individual/duo session.

Session : 60 mins (unlimited guests)

Price: $240


Personal Training

Our in house personal trainer can look after your fitness while your staying at Altitude 261 either on site or in Byron Bay. 

Nick Inglis -

"I firmly believe in the principles of quality movement and I enjoy seeing people overcome challenges. I love developing a rapport with my clients and working closely with them to achieve their goals. Whether it is helping someone who is completely dysfunctional accomplish unachievable movement patterns corSession : 60 mins (single guest) 
Additional rates : 1 additional guest - $45 / 3 additional guests - $65rectly for the very first time, or be that aspiring athletes to reach heights which they thought were unattainable. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my clients and members attain the goals they set out to achieve. "

Session : 60 mins (single guest) 

Price: $95
Additional rates : 1 additional guest - $45 / 3 additional guests - $65



Rockwall Farm Vegie Box

Fresh from our friends farm in Goonergerry, the Rockwall Farm Organic Veggie Box is packed full of goodness and picked that week. Everything is seasonal and comes with a dozen eggs. (Feeds 4 people)

Price: $45

Farmers Market Taste Platter

Mullum Farmers Market (Fridays 7-11am) is a must do if your staying at Altitude 261. The market produce is entirely seasonal, local sourced and mostly organic. If you are not arriving in time, we have you covered with these great taste plates. While this shop won't cover you for the whole weekend, it will mean you won't have to stress about a food shop before coming up the mountain, and instead can go straight into holiday mode. The plates include local breads, meats, cheese, antipasto treats and eggs.

Price: $150